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Two state of the art Trackman 4 golf studios, featuring the most advanced high-resolution dual radar technology, video playback, and detailed statistics so you can analyze and diagnose your game like never before.

The TrackMan 4 launch monitor provides users with the greatest detail and accuracy of the club and ball at the moment of impact. The detail achieved in the club delivery and ball flight is greatly superior to what is possible through camera or single radar technology.  Conclusive data is delivered in an easy-to-understand format, empowering professional, recreational, and beginning golfers to excel in their training routines.

With over 50 courses to play, including St. Andrews, there’s something for everyone. 


Trackman Technology

  • Dual Radar Tracking Technology
  • Club Path and Face Position
  • Launch and Attack Angle, Dynamic Loft, and Carry
  • Club and Ball Speed
  • Spin Rate and Smash Factor
  • Reporting, Shot comparison, Live Shot Analysis, Multi Language

Trackman Combine

Standardized test that allows you to compare yourself with the world's top ranked players.  

Hit a series of shots to ten different targets set from 60 yards up to the driver.

Two sets of three shots to each target, for a total of 60 shots in all. Upon completion of test, you receive the following feedback:

  • Average distance from the pin and dispersion circle for each shot
  • Average drive distance and distance from center line
  • Score for each distance and drives on a scale of 0-100
  • Percentage rank for each distance and drives
  • Combined score for entire test