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How old do I have to be?

We recommend age 16 and up for this style simulator based on manufacturer suggestions but if you want to bring younger children they can use any of the race or flight simulators as long as they are over 4 ft tall. They would simply be limited to the screens instead of the VR headsets, per manufacturer recommendations.

Is there a height or weight limit?

Yes, the minimum height to use our simulator cockpits is 4' in order to access the controls properly. The maximum weight for our motion platforms is 114 kgs/240 lbs. 

Can I share my booked simulator time with a friend?

Unfortunately, each person needs to book their own Race/Flight Zone sim package/time and book their own session(s), unless you book our Ultimate Zone Package which allows for 12 people to share all 6 Zone sims.  

Do I need to have experience?

No, but it is recommended that each racer have used or experienced graduated pedals like those found in any car/truck/SUV/kart. Our simulators are fully adjustable to maximize your comfort and experience level. 

Do I have to race with other people?

Not unless you want to. You can race with friends and/or family or solo. 

How realistic is it?

The tech talk-

Our simulators feature Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platforms which  provide heave, pitch & roll motion that delivers the ultimate experience in adaptability and immersion. This market leading technology enables users to experience emulated G-Forces related to bumps, corners, vibrations, braking and acceleration. 

Built to be precise, the Motion Plus Platform performs 4000 microprocesses directly from the game/sim every second, for the most accurate gameplay feedback while driving or in-flight.

Our sims are set-up with TWO Motion Plus Platforms combined with the Next Level Racing® Traction Plus Platform for unparalleled motion simulation with true 5DOF simulation and independent front and rear axle traction simulation - unmatched by many competitors. The Traction Plus moves the whole cockpit and delivers both understeer and oversteer in the most realistic and precise way possible. This technology is usually only found in 6DOF systems and is absolutely crucial in accurately and precisely simulating the vehicle. Feeling both understeer and oversteer the platform can be used effectively for an immersive driver/racer experience, specifically for cornering and rally. 

The 5 degrees are:

- Pitch (tilting forwards and backwards)

- Roll (tilting side to side)

- Heave (vertical up/down motion)

- Sway (horizontal side to side motion)

- Yaw (rotation, with independent front and rear axle motion simulation for true understeer, oversteer, and 4 wheel drift feedback)

We also have Buttkickers providing haptics which includes road texture/surface, engine vibrations and revs/rpms, traction loss, impact, and more. All of which is seen via three triple curved screens seamlessly installed to simulate a car windshield field of view or via a VR headset. The choice is yours. Add the ability to adjust and tailor the degree of these movements for each user for an unbelievably realistic and exciting experience. 

Do I need gloves to use your simulators?

Yes, we require everyone to use gloves when using our race and flight sims. This protects you and our equipment and allows for a more realistic simulator experience. We have awesome driving gloves you can purchase, you may bring your own or we have a selection of spare gloves for use. 

Can I have a beverage or food while using the sim?

Fortunately, you'll need both hands and all you attention for this experience, and to protect the equipment we ask that you use the available tables to hold your items during play.