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Driving Range


Seasoned player, professional or new to the game - this is the perfect place! Play any of our over 100 premier courses from around the world.

Practice driving, approach shots and putting or play your favourite course. Our Full Swing simulators combine high-speed cameras with infra-red light waves to create advanced real-time ball flight data. Have fun honing your skills, learning or competing with friends and family. Create a profile and you can even save and analyse your game data.

Looking for even more technology to maximize your golf game? Try our two Trackman 4 golf studios. Featuring the most advanced dual radar technology, video playback and a list of stats big enough for the pros, you can analyze and diagnose your game like never before. With over 50 courses, including St. Andrews there’s something for everyone. 


  • Over 100  courses to choose from
  • 1 to 4 players
  • Multiple skill and game settings: weather, green speed, time of day, mulligans, and more
  • Real time game analysis: stance, swing, location tracking, spin, trajectory, club face position, and more