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Attention golfers! Mark your calendars.

On November 15th, 2019,  we are expanding our facility with 2 high-quality, TrackMan 4 Studios that you need to check out. Accessible for everyone, these simulators provide extremely accurate data on over 50 different courses so you can always work on improving your game and have a blast at the same time. 

Casual golfers will learn the fundamentals of form and technique while the pros can fine-tune their skills by deep-diving into the specific details of their shots. Here’s what you can expect from our newest additions coming this fall.

How they work

Through their advanced dual-radar technology, TrackMan 4 gathers data on a wide range of components, which include: 

  • Smash factor — the amount of energy from the clubhead to the golf ball

  • Spin rate — how much the golf ball is spinning after impact

  • Launch angle — the angle the golf ball was hit from relative to the ground

  • Carry — the distance golf ball travelled in the air

  • Ball speed — the speed of the golf ball after impact from club

  • Club speed — how fast the club was swung

  • Dynamic loft — the angle from the clubface at impact lofting the golf ball

  • Attack angle — the angle of the clubhead at impact

  • Club path — the path the club is moving on

  • Face angle — the angle of the clubface at impact

With detailed data, you can pick and choose what you want to work on with every shot. Take a bunch of shots and look for any patterns or bad habits that are holding you back — you never know what it may be!

It’s always exciting seeing a simulation of your shot — how it curves, what angle you hit it at, and where it landed. Does your drive tend to angle the ball a certain way or are you driving through at the wrong angle? Both of these questions and many more can be answered from using a TrackMan 4 Studio. 

The very top golf courses and golf clubs use the TrackMan 4 so the most-talented golfers out there can hone their skills and receive instant feedback and data. Golf clubs from around the world have indoor and outdoor TrackMan 4 technology set up so that golf pros can practice whenever they like — they also closely monitor world-class golf tournament matches and gather data on the competitors.

If you are looking for an innovative way to practice and develop your golf skills all year-long, TrackMan 4 simulators are the perfect option for you. Rain or shine, our indoor sports facility is open year-round and we will have two TrackMan 4 Studios right here in Kelowna on November 15, so get ready! 

Bring your family and friends to experience this world-class, data-driven simulator starting this fall. Contact us to host a party or book a TrackMan 4 studio with a few friends and see how you can improve your golf skills with over 50 available golf courses.