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Effective Dec 8th, 2020 our EVENTS ROOM is closed.

Masks are required.

Capacity is set to a maximum of 30 persons including staff.

Sanitation stations are conveniently located throughout facility.

The floor is clearly marked to assist for social distancing.

To maintain social distancing - we ask that customers stay within their booked studio during play with the exception of retreiving sports equipment, washroom visits or placing food & beverage orders.

Facility golf balls are limited to 5 per studio. All sports balls & equipment will be removed from the studio and sanitized with approved disinfectant between each customer booking.

All touch points in studios (including touchscreens, chairs, counters, etc.) will be sanitized prior to each booking with approved disinfectant.

We prefer to limit each studio to groups of no more than 4 but special arrangements can be made for up to 6 provided maximum capacity is maintained.

Groups please arrive together - no late arrivals.

We will do our best to accomodate walk-ins provided it does not interfere with the safety of both customers and staff. If possible, please prebook online or by calling 778-699-2072.

Customers will not be permitted past reception until authorized by staff.

Customers will be asked a series of health questions in accordance with provincial guidelines upon arrival.