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If you haven’t heard, Simplex Sportzone added two TrackMan 4 studios a couple months ago and they’ve been generating a whole lot of buzz. These top-of-the-line golf simulators are used by top golfers worldwide and can help you train like the pros.

Now that you understand how sport simulators work, you may still be wondering what they can do for you. Here’s how the TrackMan 4 can help you in learning golf.

What makes the TrackMan 4 stand out?

As the TrackMan 4 records all your shots instantly, the live shot analysis provides you indispensable information in real time. With dozens of data points, analyze swings and putting strokes with an unprecedented level of detail. View your swing in slow motion to gain further insight into your swing statistics. 

With the ability to connect your iPhone or iPad to use as an external camera, get multiple angles of your swing. Using your phone, you can also easily tag your data, create a video analysis and share your recording.

Watch a 3D view of your ball in flight and have your swing mapped for further analysis. The TrackMan 4 can create an overview of your data and video on a single screen and it provides you with tools to draw and create 3D graphic overlays for reference.

In addition, easily select and compare your swing with videos recorded of professional players. With all this data at your disposal, develop a feel of what your body is doing during your swing and make adjustments to instant allow you to experience the improved motion.

What are the benefits of TrackMan over a driving range?

TrackMan can be used year round. Whereas the driving range is best only when the weather is fair, you can practice anytime with the golf simulator. The controlled environment also lets you focus on the practice session instead of being distracted by the weather.

TrackMan also allows you to gain statistics to use to learn. You have instant access to data on distance and accuracy whereas you would only have a rough estimate of this information based on viewing and guessing where the ball lands. Additionally, driving ranges cannot provide you with a number of statistics, such as spin rates, that TrackMan has for every shot. Having these precise numbers allows you to identify weaknesses and improve your game.

How can the TrackMan assist with learning?

In addition to the statistics described above, TrackMan also has its TrackMan Combine, which is a standardized test on your ability to hit various distances while measuring accuracy, allowing you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge on how far you can hit is crucial in being able to score well on a golf course. Determine which areas you need to focus on specifically to improve your game.

The TrackMan Combine helps push you to achieve more as you endeavor to beat your best score. For more of a challenge, compete against professionals. Some of the best players worldwide use TrackMan and post their scores online. With instant feedback, see how your game matches up.

The TrackMan 4 is a powerful tool that helps you train, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be arduous. With 54 golf courses to choose from and more continually added, it can also be a lot of fun!

Whether to continue to push and challenge yourself or just to get yourself to play more by exploring new golf courses, The TrackMan 4 can allow you to excel in a well established way: by practicing. Of course, if you want it, it also offers cutting-edge analysis that you can’t find anywhere else, providing expert knowledge on how to tweak your game. To experience a round of golf on the TrackMan 4, contact us to book a time and see how you fare!