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Learning a sport is a great way to acquire new skills and sources of entertainment. If you’re thinking of taking on a new sport in the Okanagan, consider golf — it offers a great mental and physical challenge, as well as opportunities to socialize and have fun.

Golf is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a stressful day. It’s a sport that the whole family can enjoy and, while it can get quite competitive, it’s an excellent way to spend time with your friends, family members, co-workers, that person you just met — you get the idea.

Fun for everyone

For those that feel learning a new sport is too difficult or tedious, golf is also one of the most accessible sports out there. It’s a low impact sport, which means it’s easy on the joints and isn’t too physically tasking. 

The Okanagan has plenty of beautiful golf courses, but spending a day out on the green can cost a pretty penny. This is especially true if you’re just getting started and don’t have all the necessary gear. Luckily, there is now a great way to test your hand at golf and find out if it’s even something you enjoy before making any significant investments — golf simulators.

With new advances in technology, learning how to golf with a simulator is easier than ever. Our simulators not only give players the chance to get a feel for the game, but offer data on how you can improve without breaking the bank. It’s like a course and coach all in one, for a fraction of the cost.

Practice makes perfect

As you practice, you will start to take note of the nuances of altering your stance or swing and how it will have a certain effect on the trajectory of your shot. You’ll notice as your hand eye coordination improves, and you’ll be ready to impress your golfer friends when you step onto the course with them for the first time!

At Simplex Sportszone in Kelowna, we have over 100 simulated courses to choose from so you can try something different every time. And we’re fully licensed, so you can enjoy refreshments while you play, just like out on the green.

Not only can you play any or all of the courses, but you can do just the driving range or putting and still get the same statistics that assist with learning and improving your skills. These simulators are also nice and private — perfect for beginners that want to practice alone!

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