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Combine food and entertainment 

It can be difficult to find a venue that accommodates all types of events, ages, abilities, and has something unique and different. We offer more than just the same old company Christmas party. We rent our complete facility or you can rent just one or two simulators along with banquet table and chairs. We're licensed, allow catered food by pre-arrangement, can accommodate up to 45 people, and we can arrange safe transportation for you and your guests.  Reserve the entire facility for your enjoyment! 

Eat, drink, and play!


It’s more than dinner

At Simplex Sportszone, there are two full time multi-sport simulators, two dedicated Trackman golf, four Trackman golf or multi-sport, five 5DOF full motion racing, and one flight simulator available. You can play golf, hockey, soccer, baseball, target practice, dodgeball, football, and experience adrenaline filled high speed racing or flight.  Each sport simulator studio and  race and flight zone sim gives you and your guests the freedom to pick and choose what you do and when you do it. 

Maybe you'd like music. No problem, you can stream music to your studio for even more enjoyment.

All your guests will be entertained, can improve their skills and maybe have a bit of friendly competition.

Eat, drink, and play!

All equipment is provided

No matter what sport you want to play, we’re prepared. All the equipment is provided for you so you can simply focus on having fun! Get  everyone playing. Whether they need the right ball, club, stick, bat, we’ve got them covered or if you have a favourite piece of equipment that you would like to bring, feel free!  

Because five of our seven simulator studios can play multiple sports, it’s easier than ever to switch over to a new activity at the press of a button. Try all 13 sports games! 

Eat, drink, and play!

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