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While some children love playing sports all year long, others may lack the confidence and motivation to dive right in. 

It takes hard work and dedication to learn a new set of skills and, with how accessible and distracting technology can be, it can be difficult for children to have the motivation and excitement to learn something brand new and challenging.

So, how can you get your children excited about sports?

Create a sense of play

One of the main reasons children love sports is that they get to play. Whether that’s with friends, on their own, or with their parents, it’s always a time to have fun. To encourage them to keep practicing and getting better, take some time out of your busy day to play their favourite sport or try a new one with them. 

This will give them lots of practice so they are excited to play and are motivated to improve. If your children love a specific sport but aren’t comfortable playing it, this is a perfect opportunity to practice in private while helping them get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Whether it’s your backyard or an indoor sports facility, having a private place to practice that’s free from distractions will help your children learn better and have more fun. Not only will a sense of play boost their motivation to get better at sports, but it will also improve their overall confidence, which could lead to them joining their school sports team or even a league. 

Build confidence

If your children are on a sports team or is wanting to join one, this is an opportunity for you to provide constructive criticism either from the sidelines, in the car ride home, or as a coach for the team. By working together with their teammates to win games, they will gain even more skills that will benefit them in the future. They will pick up leadership and teamwork skills while learning how to communicate effectively and build strong relationships. 

Emotions run high before, during, and after a game — encourage them to find a silver lining after a bad game and get them to explain what went wrong and how they can improve. This will give them direction for the next game and keep their confidence levels high. Next time you are playing with them, help them learn how to improve based on their last game.  

Bond over the game

While playing and coaching them are fantastic ways to bond, you can also watch the game together. By watching what the pros can do, your children will want to practice their moves — an impressive stickhandling technique from hockey or dizzying ball control from soccer, it could be anything. 

If you’re looking for a private place where the whole family can practice and play the sport of their choice, then look no further. Our simulator bays provide a fun and informative experience for children just starting out, to the pros looking to fine tune their skills.  

For those with disabilities or a hard time accessing sports, our simulator bays are a perfect, affordable option for everyone so they can be active any day. We’re open well after the sun has gone down, so don’t hesitate to stop by and have some fun!
Players can choose from a wide variety of sports, watch the game, enjoy refreshments, and receive detailed information on how to improve their skills. For more information or any inquiries on how to book a simulator bay, contact us today!