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It’s important to spend quality time with the entire family. Whether it’s a board game night, dinner, holiday, or Sunday brunch, taking the time to do things together strengthens family bonds.

Family time is great, but sometimes doing the same thing every time can get a little dull and family night can fizzle out. The best way to overcome this is by coming up with new and exciting activities that keeps everyone engaged and always looking forward to family game night.

If you have an activity that requires a lot of people or if you’re looking for a friendly competition, invite another family to come join your game night. This is a great opportunity to socialize with your friends and neighbours while enjoying a fun night of games.

Create friendly competitions between family members. Come up with a tournament of some sort and create a trophy or prize — bragging rights are great, but it’s always nice to win a little trophy!

Find something that you and your kids will both love and you can do in the future. Once you have a bunch of fun activities under your belt, put them all in a hat and randomly pick one or take turns deciding what you're going to do.

This could even include everyone crowding around watching the NHL playoffs, FIFA, or the Masters’ Golf Tournament. Perhaps you all enjoy watching every game of the season every single week — whatever it is, wouldn’t it be fun to play the sport while you watch it?

Booking a private indoor sports simulator studio for your family game night is a great way for everyone to learn new skills and practice in a comfortable environment. With stats to help you improve your technique, a simulator gives you detailed information that you can use to play better.

With our simulator studios, we have real sports equipment to use so that you’re truly playing the sport of your choice. If you have a favourite piece of sports equipment of your own, like a golf club, hockey stick, or baseball bat, feel free to bring it with you!

To make your night even more fun, throw the game on. Each simulator studio has a TV so you can keep your eye on how your team is playing while you shoot some pucks, kick a ball, swing a club, or whatever your sport of choice requires.

It’s always fun to get out of the house and try a new sport or activity. Take your family out and try something new for family game night. Simplex is a great option no matter the time of year or weather and it’s fun for people of all ages.

At Simplex Sportszone, you can play golf, hockey, soccer, football, dodgeball, target practice, and much more while enjoying refreshments and watching the game of your choice in our simulator bays. We have 13 sports in all, carnival games and even zombie dodgeball. Book a simulator studio today!