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It can be difficult to find a venue that accommodates all types of ages and events while being immune to the unpredictability of the weather. Luckily for you, an indoor sports facility does all these things!

Planning an event in an indoor sports facility is a fun, safe choice. They typically have everything ready to go and you just need to show up with your guests. Here’s a list of reasons why you should host your next event at an indoor sports facility.

Entertaining for the whole family

Players of all ages will have the freedom to putt, kick, and shoot to their heart’s delight. No matter your age or preferred sport, an indoor sports facility offers a variety of activities to keep you and your guests entertained the entire time.

At Simplex Sportszone, there are plenty of sport simulators available including hockey, soccer, golf, target practice, dodgeball, football, and many more. All your guests will be entertained and improving their skills — maybe they will compete with one another! A friendly competition of course.

Beat the weather

Rain can really ruin an outdoor event. An indoor sports facility operates rain or shine, making them a reliable option all year long. An indoor facility is climate controlled, so you and your guests won’t be uncomfortable due to very hot or cold weather.

By hosting your event at an indoor sports facility, you can have the peace of mind that it won’t get canceled due to the weather. Focus on booking a day, bringing your guests, and leave the rest to us!

All equipment is provided

No matter what sport you want to play, we’re prepared. All the equipment is provided for you and your guests so you can simply focus on having fun! Get your guests playing the sport of their choice. Whether they need the right ball, club, stick, bat, we’ve got them covered.

If you have a favourite piece of equipment that you would like to bring, feel free! It’s always comfortable to use your own gear. Because each simulator studio can play multiple sports, it’s easier than ever to switch over to a new activity at the press of a button. Want to try all 13 sports in an hour? No problem!

Safe playing environment

Since all sports are played in a controlled area, indoor sports facilities are safely monitored and the staff is there to help. Because it’s indoors, the temperature won’t change, the weather won’t interfere, and you know what to expect each and every time you play.

If you’re looking to bring friends and practice some skills, the playing surface is flat and unchanging. You can comfortably practice and improve while enjoying time with your friends.

It’s private

Each simulator studio is quite private. This gives you and your guests the freedom to pick and choose what you do, when you do it, and how fast you do it. Sometimes while playing golf on a course you may feel pressured by the team behind you to speed up. At an indoor facility, you can play at your own pace and focus on enjoying the game.

At Simplex Sportszone, we have a wide range of sports for you to pick from to suit your event. Each simulator studio has a TV as well so that you can watch and play the sport of your choice and we are fully licensed so you can enjoy a drink or two.

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