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Activities in Kelowna

Now that BC is in Phase 3 of its Restart Plan, people can take part in safe and responsible travel and activities and in Kelowna you don’t have to go far to enjoy yourself. Local businesses are hosting events, safely, so you can take in all Kelowna has to offer.


You can visit local cideries, breweries, and distilleries or choose from a variety of safe local guided tours. With tour options that include van wine tours, helicopter tours, boat tours, floating bbq and more, the options are endless.


If getting outdoors is your thing you’ve come to the right place. Kelowna is home to extensive hiking and biking trails like Knox and Okanagan Mountain Parks, dozens fishing and paddling lakes, horseback and mountain bike trails and numerous zip line and adventure activities like Myra Canyon and Peachland Zipzone.



Averaging over 2,000 hours of sun every year, Kelowna also offers one of the longest, driest golf seasons in Canada. Vineyards, orchards, rolling hills, and beautiful lakes make the golf courses in the area some of the most picturesque in the country. That’s not all, many golf courses offer amazing dining experiences that range from casual to gourmet. With more than 19 exceptional courses that range from easy to extreme, there is something for every skill level, making Kelowna a must-play destination for every golf enthusiast.



Indoor Sports

Kelowna features ways to enjoy golf indoors too. At Simplex Sportszone you can golf over 350 days a year. So if your favourite course can’t get you a tee time or maybe you just want a quick 9 holes or practice session before the big game, we can help. With 7 state of the art multi-sport simulator studios featuring everything from baseball, football, soccer and golf, we have something for everyone. You can golf courses like St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. Two of our golf studios are equipped with Trackman 4 simulators offering over 70 courses from around the world and challenges like Combine, Capture the Flag and Hit It that allow you to compete with friends or players around the world and have fun while tuning up your golf skills.



Artificial Intelligence and the future of sports

Our Trackman 4 golf studios newest feature is Tracy, an Artificial Intelligence training tool designed to assist players from amateur to pro in improving their golf game.


Tracy will analyze a series of your shots, which it cross references with over 500 million shots – and counting – in the TrackMan database.


Tracy updates and adjusts her findings with every shot you take before displaying overall insights covering trajectory type, curve, optimal distance and dispersion pattern.

Tracy then creates focused practice by giving you a parameter that functions as a performance range, which you must aim to stay within. The level of each player’s ability is taken into account, so less experienced golfers are given a broader range to work with.


Whether you are a coach, a player, or involved in the equipment side of the golf industry, Tracy can make your work easier.


Insights from Tracy can speed up your practice and make it more effective. You always get an

easy-to-understand course of action where all improvements are clearly – and instantly – displayed. Tracy’s actionable and achievable goals allow you to make the most of your practice time and ensure the best possible results.


Year Round Fun

Kelowna’s winter months allow for exceptional activities as well. World renowned ski resorts like Big White and Silver Star offer countless hours of fun. Backcountry snowshoeing and cross country skiing too.


When you’re not on the slopes enjoying our champagne powder you can take advantage of all the indoor sports Simplex Sportszone has to offer, from golfing world renowned courses year round to playing zombie dodge ball with the kids the possibilities for fun are endless.